Sterile Potassium Alum


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Focus Health Group is excited to announce the availability of Sterile Potassium Alum, USP (Aluminum Potassium Sulfate; Potassium Alum), a sterilized chemical compound designed to save hours of tedious work in the hospital pharmacy.  Alum is one of the very few chemicals that hospital pharmacies must purchase in raw chemical form, then sterilize using a time consuming filtration process.  Focus Health Group’s Sterile Potassium Alum eliminates the filtration frustration, putting hours back in the pharmacy’s day.  For many pharmacy compounding/IV departments, this chemical is the only “high-risk” irrigation they still have to make. The Sterile Potassium Alum comes in a carton of three 100mL vials with 10grams of sterile potassium alum making the preparation process quick and easy.

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