The mission of Focus Health Group is to provide high quality, low cost product alternatives to the healthcare marketplace while providing unsurpassed customer service.

  • Suppliers: Wholesalers, Distributors
  • Hospitals, Physician Offices, Pharmacies, Retail Shops
  • Patients and their supporting communities
  • Our own employees


Focus Health Group was founded in 2002 as a health services company, initially providing at-home laboratory testing.  As an extension of this business segment and due to our expertise in meeting the unique needs of underserved markets, we quickly expanded into providing additional products and services in the health care marketplace. We launched a line of medical equipment in 2006, developed our first pharmaceutical product in 2007 and acquired additional products in 2008.

At Focus Health Group we believe that pharmaceuticals and laboratory services are key ingredients in the quest to help people get and stay well—our exact FOCUS.  Our reputation has been built on reliability, superior products and collaborative relationships.  We work in partnership with our customers to increase their speed, precision and productivity, therefore helping them to deliver enhanced value and create better outcomes in the treatment of disease.

Focus Health Group’s leadership team includes experienced managers with a diverse professional background, each bringing a history of successes spanning the entire health care spectrum. Our team includes full and part time individuals passionate about helping people and enhancing the quality of life of those we touch. All of us embrace our customers and enjoy the many success stories provided through the partnerships we create.


At Focus Health Group our goal is to provide innovated cost-effective products and services that will fill pressing medical needs, ultimately impacting people’s quality of life in meaningful and positive ways.  We FOCUS on finding and developing safe and effective products, manufacture them using the highest levels of quality and then demonstrate their value in partnership with our customers.


    We support medical, educational and civic initiatives that are aligned with our products, our mission and purpose, and our overall FOCUS as a company.   We provide professional consulting services aimed at assisting customers in analyzing and evaluating opportunities to introduce a new product or service.  We eagerly anticipate the promise of the future and are dedicated to enhancing quality of life through a wide array of programs all across the country, including the communities where we live and work.