Epinephrine Professional Convenience Kits are now available with RAIN RFID product labels
Knoxville, TN — Focus Health Group announced widespread availability of Epinephrine Professional Convenience Kits with RFID product labels, enabling distributors and healthcare providers to wirelessly identify and locate this life-saving kit.

“Epinephrine Professional was originally created as a low-cost alternative to auto-injectors in the professional setting where clinicians can administer Epinephrine to patients in an emergency using the same needles and syringes they use every day. By adding RAIN RFID into the product label, we aim to allow the supply chain staff to monitor and locate the kits using the technology and systems already in place.” said Tracy Thompson, President of Focus Health Group.

Leveraging Open Data Standards
Ryan McBee, Director of Business Innovation at Focus Health Group, said “When we decided to add RFID to the Epinephrine Professional label, we knew we needed to ensure that it could be read with any downstream system. We chose to leverage GS1 Standards so that at any open system can read our label and the information contained therein.”
Every kit is individually labeled with a GS1 Data Matrix containing the NDC as a GTIN, Lot Number, Expiration Date, and Serial Number. The NDC as a GTIN and Serial Number are encoded as the EPC, and the Lot Number, Expiration Date, and Serial Number are encoded into user memory. McBee added, “These critical kits can now be tracked through the supply chain to a patient either by scanning the label into a distributor’s ERP system or using RFID to identify the product at the point of care and capturing information in the clinician’s EMR. Leveraging the GS1 & RAIN RFID Standards allows Epinephrine Professional kits to be read into any inventory system using a barcode scan or wirelessly located using any RAIN RFID system.”

Epinephrine Professional Availability
Epinephrine Professional Convenience Kits are available from all major wholesalers. Kits produced after February 2020 include the RFID label. Buyers can look for the “RAIN RFID Inside” stickers to visually determine if the kit includes RAIN RFID.

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